Tuesday, September 15, 2015

We're off!

Waiting for the plane at Melbourne Airport

Getting ready for take off

We flew over Bendigo

On Tuesday 15 of September my family and I drove down to Melbourne to get ready for our flight. I had got to melbourne at 8:00pm and had to drop off our car. After that we had to drop off our bags in the airport. At 11:00pm we had to get onto our plane first we have to fly to Hong Kong then from Hong Kong to London. WhenI was on the plane I watched one movie at 12:00am. Soon after I had fallen asleep in my chair next to my dad. At 6:00am we had flown into Hong Kong. Our next plane was at 12:25. My family and I had something to eat after that we just had a rest and went on our ipods and stuff.

I am really happy to see my family I am also excited.

By Sam 

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