Monday, September 21, 2015



Today my family and I went to Ramsgate and Deal. Ramsgate is a town right next to the ocean where  there are lots of fishing boats. We walked along the harbour the weather was very cold and rainy I had to wear lots of jumpers. near the harbour the was a cafe we went into the cafe and had a hot chocolate it was really big and really yummy it had cream on top with a small cookie on the side. next to the cafe there was an arcade that my sister and I thought was awesome it had claw machines and lots more. After ten minutes or so I hear this loud cheering by my sister I look over and see that my dad had won a big minion out of the claw machine which was really cool. Again I was playing a two penny game when I hear more cheering near the claw machine I look over and of cause my Dad had won another minion. My Dad gave my one of the minions and the other to Rose sadly we had to leave the arcade and go to Deal where we just skimmed rocks and went to the pub to have a drink.  

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