Sunday, September 27, 2015

London day 1

Today my family and I went to London  we had to wake up at 6:00 we quickly got dressed and packed our bags. on the train I looked out the window and listened to music. when we got to London I had to get a train card thing that lets me go on the subway. we had to get another train to our hotel we checked in and started to walk to the natural London museum its was cool but was the same to every other museum. after we went to china town and had tea with my Uncle andAunt the food was yummy but we were crammed into a little corner. after tea we said bye to my Uncle and Aunt when they left we had a wonder around London. When we were walking my sister spotted M&M world we both ran to the shop. The shop had 4 stories and had every type of M&M but it was very expensive so we we didn't by anything and that was our first day in London.              

Monday, September 21, 2015


Today my family and I went to Reculver were we tried to fly kites it didn't work at our kites broke and was smashed. near ware we were flying kites there was a pub so we went down to the pub. I was drinking my drink when my uncle came up to me with welts they are slimy slugs things so my uncle told me to try one I said no a first but then I ate it  I hated it I did not like it at all. So after I got the taste out of my mouth we went down to the beach to find some crabs we had to lift up rocks to find the crabs. I found the biggest crab out of all the crabs we found. sadly we had to let the crabs go because we had to go home.            



Today we went bowling with Dads best friend and his two kids Lydia and Maisy
as we walked in the bowling centre we saw one of or friends and soon more people came and then we started a game I didn't feel like playing so i just watched and played on the arcade and at the end guess who won Lydia and she is only 4 and Sam came last. After that we went to the pier on the beach and got an ice cream it was great and then we did some skimmed some rocks i thought it was awesome and my highest was 4 and I think that was one of the best yet.





Today my family and I went to Ramsgate and Deal. Ramsgate is a town right next to the ocean where  there are lots of fishing boats. We walked along the harbour the weather was very cold and rainy I had to wear lots of jumpers. near the harbour the was a cafe we went into the cafe and had a hot chocolate it was really big and really yummy it had cream on top with a small cookie on the side. next to the cafe there was an arcade that my sister and I thought was awesome it had claw machines and lots more. After ten minutes or so I hear this loud cheering by my sister I look over and see that my dad had won a big minion out of the claw machine which was really cool. Again I was playing a two penny game when I hear more cheering near the claw machine I look over and of cause my Dad had won another minion. My Dad gave my one of the minions and the other to Rose sadly we had to leave the arcade and go to Deal where we just skimmed rocks and went to the pub to have a drink.  

Herne Bay

At Herne Bay Nanny and Grandad on our first day.

On our fist day we woke up late and a bit tired and some of us grumpy. First we went to go seeNanny and Grandad for the first time in five years thats when I was 4 but had a little trouble finding them really we had a lot of trouble and in the car I got board and angry finally we got there and I was so happy to see them and be with them.Then we all went to Herne bay and got an Ice cream and had lunch and try skimming rocks I FAILD at it but sam and Dad were very good.

By Rose

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Half way there

Hong Kong Airport is HUGE!!! 

Very smoggy outside


We are now in Hong Kong Airport and we are all sitting in the the Airport waiting for the plane to go to England. The Hong Kong Airport is huge and has lots and lots of shops and also has lots of places where you can eat. But some of the food does NOT look or sound great. They have lots of windows at this Airport there all around you and you can get an amazing view everywhere and  they have the biggest plane I have ever seen. Over all I have had a great trip so far. 

By Rose

We're off!

Waiting for the plane at Melbourne Airport

Getting ready for take off

We flew over Bendigo

On Tuesday 15 of September my family and I drove down to Melbourne to get ready for our flight. I had got to melbourne at 8:00pm and had to drop off our car. After that we had to drop off our bags in the airport. At 11:00pm we had to get onto our plane first we have to fly to Hong Kong then from Hong Kong to London. WhenI was on the plane I watched one movie at 12:00am. Soon after I had fallen asleep in my chair next to my dad. At 6:00am we had flown into Hong Kong. Our next plane was at 12:25. My family and I had something to eat after that we just had a rest and went on our ipods and stuff.

I am really happy to see my family I am also excited.

By Sam