Wednesday, October 7, 2015

London day 2

Today  we started the day of with the London Eye it was amazing there was a clear sky and we could see Big Ben i did not remember the view being so amazing and it was also pretty scary being up the very top. After that we went to a 4d little film clip that came with the London Eye tickets. After that awesome film clip we walk over to Big Ben  i did't think it was that tall then we walk through St James Park and there were lots of Squirrels they were so cute one came up and almost jumped on my hand. Next we went to go so Buckingham Palace it so amazing I loved it and then we walk down to the theatre and saw Matilda the Musical i thought it amazing and I loved it, I thought it was cool that the set would rise up from the stage and there was no bad bits about it then we walked down to see our friend Kitten at a Hot Dog place called Top Dog it was yummy and there was a morter bike there 
that i played on we also went to a Pub with Kitten Sam and I got a bit board so we played on dads 
iPhone and made a movie on i Movie the Movie was called London Pub I came up with the name and found so funny I almost spat out my drink. Then Kitten went home and we had a look around the city it looked like Melbourne a lot at night with all the lights lit up and then we finally went home 

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